Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Those pdf links

Welcome, anybody coming over here from Wendy Knits! The pdf links you want are:

How to work a dpn sock gusset on magic loop


Converting 4- and 5-needle dpn sock patterns to magic loop

These are written for magic loop, but if you will just pretend that the needle marked 1/4 is one of your circulars and the needle marked 2/3 is the other, you should be able to use these to do the same thing with two circular needles.

I have also found this tutorial to be very helpful for casting on and getting yourself going.

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Blogger cotton said...

Your second link about converting the 4-5 needle sock to circs is the the same as the converting gusset link above...thought you might like to know...

2:57 AM  

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