Thursday, August 23, 2007


I used to have this collection of alert sounds for my Mac back in the day. It was a Power Mac 7500 with a gigantic 500mb hard drive, if that tells you anything. Anyway, I think it was a clip from The Honeymooners...anyway, it seemed to be Alice saying "I'm tryin' to think but nothin' happens!"

Well, that's me this week. I am trying to come up with something witty and fun and happy to blog about, but the truth is I am sneezing so much that all rational thought is being driven from my mind almost hourly, and I find it really difficult to -


Ahem. Ok, here is where things stand.

Jemima - what a lovely pattern this is. Anna, I'm sorry I ever wondered about this pattern! I have been skeptical of knitting only 12" to the armholes, but it's a raglan so I persisted. I finished the front last night and pinned it all together. It fits around me just fine, and is long enough for me. Currently I'm trying to cast on for both sleeves. I have one done but messed up the other. (I am using this cast on. It was totally incomprehensible to me until I watched the video at the end. It's beautiful.)

Norwegian socks - These I will come back to again, but after my hand settles down. I have swatched with the brown as the background and the blue as the motif and it's definitely the way to go. I have to decide if I want to continue with DK weight yarn (it's very heavy) or switch to sock yarn.

Lace socks - Past the heel on second sock. Must finish by this weekend.

I need to make a pair of socks for a friend who is hurting, that's next on the list, along with working on my Absorba bath-mat (finally! Options #13s, you saved me!) and my Elisa's tote, which is really easy but still manages to confuse me. I may frog it and just do a yo/k2tog pattern and then use her i-cord handle instructions.

Ok, time for me to go find out what size her feet are. Ciao.


Blogger Meghann said...

Hope you feel better soon!

3:55 PM  
Blogger BatGirl said...

I had those sounds on my old Mac! Wish I still had those for my Mini . . . I think my saying was the Monty Python boys saying, "Nobody expects the Spanish Inquisition!"

6:24 PM  

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