Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Today is Evan day

Y'all, our gal, fellow blogger and Supercrafty maven Allison's son is having brain surgery today to remove a tumor/growth on his hypothalamus that is benign but not at all harmless. The surgery is this morning, and Allison and her husband Jeff and little Evan are in Phoenix for it. Evan is nine months old. As far as I know he is the second youngest person ever to have this surgery, which is rare anyway.

There are an awful lot of people who love them and are praying for them, and I figure a few more won't hurt. So please, when you think of it, whisper a little bit of love and prayers for this family. Make today Evan Day in your mind, ok? I know it will mean a lot to a lot of people.

You can start reading the story here. Updates here.

Tomorrow I'll show you some progress, finally - but I want today to be about Evan.


Anonymous mel said...

Small world - I met Allison at a baby shower of a close friend of mine. She's super sweet and her family is definitely in my prayers today.

5:46 PM  

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