Thursday, June 14, 2007

Tired! but ok!

"Forgive each other as soon as a quarrel begins." (Colossians 3:12-15, JB)

This was part of my daily devotional this morning (Elisabeth Elliot). I've been reading these things for years and the fact is I still get something new out of them.

Christians are under a law of love. That means we are called to reconciliation with other people. I like that. I'm not quarreling with anyone at the moment, but it's good words to live by. Anytime I can distill something down to the truth of it, no matter what my feelings are, it helps me.

I don't believe in self-help because it puts the focus exactly where I don't want it - on me. I'd rather have it on Christ.

So the last couple days have been great! busy but great, I finished up a major freelance job with a few hours to spare and have been working like crazy on some things for Ravelry and I finished up an overall very-very-late project less than two weeks after the due date. I've been reading my book on the 1927 Mississippi River flood every chance I get - the discussion of politics, with all the usual corruption and intrigue, has kept me in thrall. I've always found the history of the South to be mysterious, baffling and interesting. I'll tell you what, those New Orleans society men were made out of concrete block. (I'll not say 'steel' because that would be a compliment.) I've been reading this book off and on for years, and it finally grabbed me. Now I can't put it down.

I'm up to 15 inches of sleeve, all discernible progress has stalled on both my socks-in-progress, and last night I had popcorn for dinner at 9:30pm. Tonight my goal is to eat dinner sometime before it gets dark.

(Anyone who wants a case like I got from Nell should probably contact her through her Etsy store, which is linked on her blog - which is linked in the post below.)


Blogger Batty said...

To me, forgiveness and letting go are the most difficult things about being a Christian. It's not just forgiving other people, either, it's forgiving ourselves. In order to move on with another person or with ourselves, we have to forgive and to know deep down that we are forgiven. It's so much easier to feel guilty, or to keep being angry or resentful.

Letting go is so hard precisely because we're always told that we can solve all of our problems by focusing in on ourselves. There is something both comforting and frightening about letting go of our troubles, about giving them into someone else's hands (even if that someone is all-powerful) and trusting. Somehow, trying to control the situation (even when we really have no control over it) is easier. Letting go is incredibly hard, and for me, I think it will take a lifetime to learn how to do it.

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