Friday, April 27, 2007

Now with pictures!

Here's the sock yarn, followed by my progress on Twist:

New Sock Yarn!

Halfway up the back of Twist

Maybe you see that pink cord in there, and you think, "she's crossed over to the dark side."

Well, yes and no. I haven't actually, yet. The yes part is that I saw (blogless?) Kelley's set one night at SnB and really liked them, so I ordered some #6 tips and some 40" cords to test them out. (Betty went in on the order with me and got some too, so y'all can see what she thought of them after a few days also.) As fortune would have it, I just happened to be slogging away on the back of Twist on that very size needle. And I mean slog, people! It seemed like I knit and knit and knit and made no progress (though frogging 15 rows to fix a bad join wasn't exactly helping).

Last night the needles arrived, and I knit almost five inches while we caught up on Idol (no fair, by the way). So I know this is just a boring old progress picture BUT you see where the side nips in and then back out again? I started with the Options needle about 2 rows below where it starts going back out again. I am zooming, and maybe I got a little bit of mojo back or maybe it was all of that weepy singing. My next step is to make the back a certain length and then do armhole decreases. It doesn't seem quite so bad anymore. (I have to say, in the land of sweaters it seems like the back will pretty much always be a slog, so I did it first. You if you have to eat a frog every day, you might as well eat it for breakfast and get it out of the way.)

I would like to say that these needles actually feel lighter than my tried-and-true INOX Express. Addi Turbos and Denise feel slightly too light to me most of the time (though I do occasionally dip into them). I think I am going to spring for a set and some extra cords. Although I used the key I still had a slight problem with one tip untwisting a bit - but at least now I know what that feels like. The metal is nice and smooth, the weight feels good, the cord is a touch annoying but nothing too bad. I still maintain that they are not a bargain but I do think they are a good value.

The only thing I absolutely, positively detest is the case. It's completely uninspired, not handy, clunky and plain ugly. I am supposed to like a geometric black jacquard three-ring-binder? (And the purses? Don't get me started. They are just so not me. If you like them, that's ok! But what is wrong with plain black? Why are they shiny? Help!) It's a letdown, but I already have an AWESOME case made by the lovely and talented Zonda, which along with a little Walker bag that is just hanging about, I'll have a pretty good setup, I think.


Blogger pamela wynne said...

Hmm. I have resisted the Options so far... partly because that case IS really dreadful. :)

Your new yarn is hot hot hot! Are the two colors going to go together somewhere?

11:37 AM  
Blogger Zonda said...

Yes, that yarn is hot! Love those 2 colors together! As for the those "pinkly/purplely cords" ;) I have to admit, very fast knitting! Especially on wool and cotton! I didn't get the entire set, just cords and tips in the sizes I use most often. You have zoomed a bit on the back too! :)

3:47 PM  
Blogger Chris said...

Because of how I knit, I end up poking holes in my fingers with those needles! Glad I just tried 2 needles to see if I liked them...

6:37 PM  

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