Tuesday, January 30, 2007


A nice, helpful person from Bloglines is helping me out.

I spent today reading (I know this is sacreligious but I don't like to read much anymore). Grrr. My country-fried steak tasted icky at lunch, traffic was bad, and I'm generally a meanie today. (Put yourself in my mindset for two seconds. Roll with it.)

Then I saw Elbac. And if you saw me last night, you saw me bothering a poor girl for the second time about her scarf pattern and poring over a book that had a scarf in it just like the aqua one. And I think I have some scrumptious alpaca in the stash for a new scarf.

It's Love. And this, with a slightly different neckline because of my linebacker shoulders, is Like.

Pictures later. I have to take down a website tonight, and eat something before I either pass out or get so hungry I eat my weight in Cheetos. !!

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