Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Just talking today

After my enormous picture post yesterday I figured I'd better give y'all with dialup a little break. I did take my Project 365 picture yesterday (of my new haircut, which isn't all that different) but I don't have any time this morning to edit and post because I slept in till after 6:30. I hit Snooze for a record-breaking 45 minutes this morning (I should apologize to my neighbors, but they are up even earlier than I am).

I did some knitting on a sock yesterday, this pair is a giftie. It's in Socka, in a lovely lovely deep olive green color that looks tweedy or barberspun in the skein, but knits up to be a beautiful solid that is just the slightest bit rustic and interesting. This was yarn I purchased last summer, but the interesting thing is, my parents gave me two skeins of it for Christmas this year! I don't think it's the same dye lot, but I have enough to make a lot of socks. I really do like this's one of those that seems to knit up really evenly no matter what kind of bizarre turmoil I seem to be going through. Does that make sense? Sometimes I can see the odd row or stitch where it's clear something happened and I didn't tuck it up right. On the Moderne Baby Blanket I just finished, I had a sort-of loose looking stitch at a color change, and I decided to work it out the SnB way, by moving that looseness over to the edge one stitch at a time. I wish I'd taken pictures, because by the time I finished that looseness was a total of NINE INCHES LONG. But, it was near the edge now, and long enough to weave in, so I cut it and wove each end going in a different direction...and I'm not sure it will ever be seen again.

You should try that with your work if you see a bit of something that isn't quite the right tension. I'm not saying to be super picky here, but it's a good way to fix something that isn't quite right in the middle of a panel. Work it out a bit at a time by following the natural progression of the stitch, and either bury the loose bit in the edge or cut it and work in the ends. It's a really fun secret Ninja fix.

My personal challenge isn't "run yourself ugly" but it's sort of affiliated with that, or inspired by it. I work on the 7th floor of an office building, and because of a muscle imbalance my knees hurt like crazy when I go down steps. I have made it my personal challenge to strengthen my knees by going up and down the stairs once a day for the next 100 work days. I know that is so ridiculous and something y'all would have no trouble doing...but I am on day...what? 7? (of this year, I did a couple weeks last year before break) and already they bother me less going down stairs. (I am still getting kind of poundy going up, because I refuse to slow down. Must slow down.) Yes, I'm doing my stretches, if you were wondering.

The added benefit is that my calf muscles are shaping up nicely. :) Try something, anything, even dippy steps or 1/2 hour of yoga or stretching or even a leisurely walk. Anything you do that burns even 10 more calories than before is a step to being healthy. Which really does feel so much better. :)

Bye lovies!


Anonymous Anne said...

OK, OK - I've seen enough people committing to getting more exercise, I'll be a joiner, I'll do it too.

Must think of what more exercise I can get...

9:47 AM  
Anonymous Joan said...

It's so funny to read your blog - as I opened the page 7 of my co-workers just left to "walk the stairs." Over 300 of them. They've asked me to join but I know I would embarrass myself getting winded by the 5th floor. Little do they know that I've started walking them by myself when they finish. I think stairs are a great form of exercise and can be done easily at work.

Love your blog! It's the newest in my "daily must-read."

12:19 PM  

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