Friday, December 29, 2006

I'm home!

(witty posts later)

Well, after a lot of eating, knitting, driving and general family stuff, I made it back. I finished the bridge book and started the one on the Johnstown Flood. I find I like it less, because fewer pages are devoted to engineering discussions. (I told you I was a dork.) But I still like it.

My cats are clingy and glad to see me and Grady slept almost all night in the crook of my arm, petting my hair. Which he does not do. I did not sleep very well, and am considering nice ways to kick the cat out of the bed (not literally kick!).

I am going to Publix and maybe the yarn shop later. Also I am trying to decide about mascara. I keep buying this L'oreal stuff, and it keeps flaking after a month or two. As in, down my face. I really like the Bobbi Brown Everything Mascara better, but I was being cheap. I keep learning my lesson over and over about cheap makeup.

Ok, I promise, more later, including knitting. I finished a pair of felted clogs for a gift and knitted quite a bit on some Endpaper Mitts, which involved resizing and messing seriously with the chart, but once it made sense, it alll made sense. I'm just not sure if I'm going to keep it as-is or rip back and add two more stitches to make the chart symmetrical. Eunny did this, but I didn't discover it till I started the thumb gusset. More later.

Oh well, as EZ says, I'll still be knitting. :) Ha! I also started a pair of socks. Last week was the only week on record in the past year I did not have a pair of socks on the needles. I don't know what got into me!


Blogger Suburbaknitsta said...

Dont know if it is available where you are but Max Factor makes a decent cheapo mascara "Volume Couture" which is worth a shot... =)

11:59 AM  
Blogger sgeddes said...

Glad to see you back!

2:13 PM  
Anonymous beverly said...

Back in the day (as my students say) when I worked with makeup artists, Max Factor in the chic pink and green tube was considered THE best mascara. I still use it and love it. Probably the best beauty bargain available!

4:02 PM  

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