Sunday, October 15, 2006

Weird dreams

Last year when I was in the throes of the fall asthma extravaganza, I dreamed over and over and over that I was kung-fu fighting and getting flat-foot kicked in the chest. This year, however, the nighttime-asthma-attack dream of choice has been Choking On Food. As in, I'm in a restaurant telling the hostess very calmly that I'm choking and can she please do something for me because I can feel the food stuck RIGHT THERE, and she tells me to lean my head back and let gravity work for me. (This is all because I am using the heat at night, and my lungs don't like it.)

I stopped taking my Singulair again, because I think it makes me irritable and annoyed and generally crabby, but then after these dreams and a long stint cleaning the apartment today (dusty) and breathing in all manner of junk and crap, I decided I would rather breathe and be crabby than dream for the next sixteen nights that I am choking in a second-rate restaurant and the highschool hostesses won't help me. Also I am faintly suspicious that the recent migraine stuff has been related to the asthma meds. (I never did get an actual migraine, thank goodness.) It was a stupid decision to stop taking it because my asthma hadn't been bad (hey! maybe the meds were working!) so I went back on it as of this weekend. I think the migraines were maybe from stopping the asthma medicines. Or maybe allergy-triggered. But good grief, lately I need some duct tape to hold me together! The good thing is, I don't feel bad. I just can't sleep.

So. Tonight I knitted the rest of the leg on Pomatomus #1, plus the heel flap, plus turned the heel, plus picked up some very dodgy gusset stitches and I really am trying to concentrate on knitting some more. But then I came in here to check email and I realized I still have not put the clean sheets on my bed from today. (I washed the blanket with the sheets, and the cat blanket that is in the window seat in the dining room, and I got approximately enough cat hair to build a 6-week old kitten from the lint screen. You know, how it comes out magically in the dryer?)

And oh yeah, I ordered one of these on a total whim, because I heard they are the cat's meow.

What does that mean, anyway? Because in this house, "meow" means "feed me, dangit" or maybe "I stunk up the bathroom, can you clean the box, please?" - and I'm pretty sure that ain't what they mean by "cat's meow." Har.


Blogger Trillian42 said...

Oh, ugh. As if asthma itself isn't enough of a pain, you get asthma-induced nightmares? Damn.

And I ordered my Adagio starter set this weekend, too! We'll have to compare notes. (I got the green tea, and hubby wanted one for work, so he got the herbal)

8:00 AM  
Blogger Jen said...

I got the green tea one too!

9:32 AM  
Blogger Martina said...

Must be aweful to have asthma! I hope you have some more pleasant dreams soon!

5:05 PM  

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