Friday, October 20, 2006

I owe you all an explanation.

First...The thing that has always bothered me about this entire issue is why did the yarn get tested in the first place.

Last night when I was going to sleep I thought of a possible reason - deconstructing your competitors' products to be able to make a comparable one. Also, since cashmere content can vary +-3%, maybe they were just looking to see if it ran more to 15 or to 9.

Maybe they found it unintentionally. And because of that possibility, I am willing to give Cascade the benefit of the doubt.

Additionally I'm quite sure that Debbie Bliss and Noro wanted to know if the content of their yarn wasn't matching up. The story originally rubbed me the wrong way, but I'm feeling much more live-and-let-live today.

The other thing...well, I'll come clean. Jo thought I was ranting about Knit Picks! So, I've been mad at them in the past for ridiculously thinking that people would confuse them with Knit Pixie, so I called them "the store that shall not be named."

Um, that was sarcasm. Not anger. I actually order a decent amount from both companies, and while I have to say that KPixie has much, much better shipping and customer services, they both have their place. Wool of the Andes is great yarn, as is Gloss. I wouldn't use Palette for much, but Shine has a nice hand and feels good to use. And is durable. And I absolutely LURVE my chart keeper. I mean, why doesn't everybody offer this??

So I confess - I'm a customer. Not a frequent one, but I do buy from them. Maybe $20 every six months. But as cheaper priced yarn goes, there aren't a lot of options. Y'all know, the only 3 kinds of yarn I will buy from craft stores are Sugar n' Cream, Wool-Ease and Paton's wool. Otherwise I won't buy anything they have. So maybe it's better to think of me as FOR the local yarn shop, FOR the internet distributors, and AGAINST the overpriced box stores.

(That's not sarcasm. :) )


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