Thursday, August 31, 2006

Well ow.

The car is fixed and I have spent just about exactly $900 on it this week. The air is cold. I mean really, truly, sincerely, this-has-obviously-been-going-downhill-for-quite-some-time cold. It was worth it, but that doesn't stop me from feeling like car dealerships really just want you to walk in and dump out your wallet.

So I was going to go back over to that sale Sheila was having and pick up some more Silky Wool and Mandalay, but I decided to get the car cleaned instead. At Shur-Brite, my own personal Car Wash (yes, like the movie). Eight people armed with towels and cleaners and vacuums polished my car right up in no time. The big machines cleaned my floor mats and the bigger machines buffed my car.

See, I am a girl. Not a real girly-girl, but if there is one thing on all of planet earth I hate, it's cleaning cars. I can't stand it. I hate the stupid vacuums at car washes. I hate the shampoo brush that gets all over my shoes. I hate the beeping quarter machine that tells me my time is almost out. I hate going to the automotive aisle at Target and spending $20 on car cleaners. And I believe in paying experts to do things I don't like to do myself.

Shur-Brite seems like a happy place. The radio is always playing, the workers are smack-talking each other, and there are usually a few tourists walking up the street from their hotel and wondering what part of the hood they just wandered in to (which I find incredibly funny, because it's down by Vanderbilt, which is practically as far as you can get from the hood in Nashville). The people are nice, the cars get clean, and I am happy to give them my business every few months.

I get my car cleaned the same week I get the oil changed. Because I get free oil changes with the car, so I keep up the inside with that money. And it's paid off - my car is very, very nice on the inside. Even though it's old.

So the other day I heard on the radio that if you are taking a car trip the top three things you can do for your gas mileage are - inflate your tires, change your oil, and get your car waxed. Because it really does come down to minutiae with aerodynamics. I really wonder if that is true - it seems like it.

I am nearly done with leg of sock 1. Tonight I'm going to knit the ribbing of sock 2 so if I knit in the car tomorrow it's just stockinette. I need to load up the iPod and clear off the camera.

It will be a real quick trip, and I doubt I'll be posting. See you Monday, and have a happy weekend!


Blogger mrspao said...

We get our car washed and valeted at a local shopping centre. It is nice to go out for breakfast and return to a clean car :)

2:22 AM  
Blogger Chris said...

Hmm, maybe I'll take my car over to get polished up over lunch... oh wait, it's going to rain...

8:02 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Have a great road trip.

Sorry your last package got locked in the office before you could get it...not that there is anything in there for a road trip, but I do reveal who I am and then you would know. Oh well the info will wait and you will have a great road trip [hopefully not too much traffic]
Your SP7

3:39 PM  
Anonymous Catherine Harrison said...

Well, I hate ti tell ya but there's no more Silky Wool. I got it all! Mwahahahah!

8:59 PM  

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