Wednesday, August 23, 2006


1. Absorba the Giant Bath Mat - stalled out at about 15 x 18 inches. Just got tired of it.
2. Weird log cabin thing - probably a pillow cover or cat bed. Needs a few more rows and a back, then some finishing.
3. Odessa hat - cotton hurt my hands. Must find new yarn and start again. frogged
4. Cosmetic bag - nearly done! Have 8 of 9 gingham pattern repeats finished. Must knit flap and put on snaps/buttons. finished
5. Pink and Tan sock - stalled after unfortunate experience with short-row heel. Will prolly rip. frogged
6. Clapotis - what clapotis? Kirsten!!!
7. Mango Salsa socks - proceeding nicely.
8. Placemats from Holiday Knits - love, am knitting, just not finished yet.
9. Another warshrag. In progress. finished
10. Pea Pod sweater - frogged. frogged
11. Madder Rib socks - one done, one stalled. Don't like the fit. Will frog or give away (sniff!).
12. Fetching wristwarmers - done!

New list:
1. Absorba
2. Log-cabin
3. Clapotis
4. Mango socks
5. Placemats
6. New washrag
7. Madder rib socks

Of these, 5 are on hold and 2 are actively being knitted. Not too bad, for me!


Blogger Molly said...

You might want to put an < /del > at the end of what you wanted struck out. Unless you wanted to strike out your entire blog!

11:07 AM  
Blogger Jen said...

I left out a close tag, thanks!

12:29 PM  

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