Thursday, July 13, 2006

They don't want to be mine...

I'm heartbroken. This may be the first time I've picked yarn and pattern carefully and (I thought) intuitively for a project, and then the final didn't turn out at all as I hoped. I'm talking about those Madder Rib Socks I've been working on off-and-on for two weeks. They are a flop.

It's not the yarn - the yarn is lovely and yummy and if it were me, I'd call the color 3-D, because it looks like it would look really cool through 3-D glasses. It's not the needles - the needles are right for the pattern. It's the heel - it's too narrow for my wide-ish foot. And, more importantly, it's the toe - it starts too early and decreases over the widest part of my foot, so it feels tight.

It's the pattern. While the pattern is lovely and brilliant, it's not the right shape for my foot.

Which means I have a decision to make. I could finish them as they are and gift them to my friend, who has narrower heels and toes than I do but the same size feet. I could rip them out totally and start again, or I could rip the toe back and knit a normal one, thereby completely blowing my "master's study" idea, and just learn to love the heel.

(TMI ALERT) To top it all off, GB gave the kitties some canned food they hadn't had before last night. Fee had a little trouble with it. She did make it to the box, but I still had to clean up a little this morning and she feels terrible, I can tell. (This has never happened to her before.) (/TMI ALERT) My morning commute took an hour (usually 20 minutes) and it's raining. And my stomach hurts.

So I did the only reasonable thing a girl in my situation can do - I went into the stash and found some needles and Koigu, and I'm going to knit something else while I think about what that Sundara yarn is going to be.

Really, do you blame me?


Blogger noblinknits said...

Very sensible to turn to the Koigu for comfort. I am terrible at ripping back and rarely do, even when I should. So I would probably gift the socks but that doesn't mean it is the best solution.

11:18 AM  
Blogger Peevish said...

Definitely Koigu is the way to go in these situations.

9:19 PM  
Blogger Zonda said...

Nope, don't blame you...sometimes you need a little comfort with something familiar... :)

11:36 PM  

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