Monday, May 08, 2006

Proof we're all crazy

(Wait, I meant proof I'm not crazy)


Fee models Yarn:
Fee Models the Blue Yarn

And just when I think I might be doing all right with this dyeing thing, this arrives:
Yarn from All Things Heather

and puts me to shame. Sock yarn from All Things Heather. It's the yummiest, softest, happiest sock yarn ever. And since I'm signed up to be a test knitter for her yarns...well, let's say I hope I get to test it soon! This is too pretty to knit up.

So I was thinking, during my walk, when I had the Stones blaring in my ears and the light was just so and I was trying to kick it - I passed by Curves (for Women). And I thought, it's probably an encouragement to women everywhere to go in there because they won't be ogled, etc. And my naturally libertarian, say "whatever" to feminism (I mean, women, do whatever you want) brain piped up, "I bet that nobody could ever get away with calling a place Ripped (for Men)."

Right? Because CNN would find out about it and all manner of gals would be out protesting the exclusion of women. (Admit it.)

You don't see men out protesting the LPGA or the WNBA as exclusionary. And why doesn't anyone protest a "For Women" workout gym? I'll tell you - and the key is to my mind the key to true equality between men and women. Because women, some women, would see a sign that says "For Men" and think, "Why can't I work out there? I'm just as good!" They automatically think with an inferiority complex. Why would they do this? Why not just say "let the guys stink up their own place and ogle each other instead of me"? A guy wouldn't look at a "For Women" sign and think "Why can't I go there? I'm just as good as any woman."

Men do not think that way. Ever. A woman could be standing in front of a man with a flow chart complete with four-color illustrations and 72-point type explaining to him why he wasn't as good as her, and he would never, ever think "I'm just as good, shut up."

You know what he would think, don't you?

Whatever. Which really cracks me up.


Blogger Chris said...

Fee definitely has a career option for a yarn model.

1:40 PM  
Blogger Beth said...

We actually have a club here called Cuts (for men).

11:32 PM  
Blogger Jen said...

Hee hee hee.

10:48 AM  

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