Saturday, May 27, 2006

Pay Lakes, Catfish & Nathan Bedford Forrest

YARN CONTEST WINNERS: Thanks to all of you lovelies who raised almost $700 for Kirsten. You are SOOOO awesome! The three winners of sock yarn are (according to the random number generator at Research Randomizer) - numbers 3, 4 and 9. That's Zonda, Lynae and Eli.

Email me your address at meangirl AT comcast DOT net if that's you! Also, Samantha - you get a prize too, so email me!

THANKS to everyone for saying such nice things about my yarn! I have so much more confidence now, I'm going to wind skeins and watch tv and think about what colors to use tomorrow!

So, I think the concept of a "pay lake" is something that y'all don't have in other parts of the country. (I never heard of it before moving here.) A pay lake is a lake that's kept stocked with fish, and you pay a certain amount to fish in it and keep the fish. Today we went to one in Baxter, TN called Twin Lakes. Lest you not believe that it's really called a pay lake:

A Pay Lake

We didn't fish, though - we went for the catfish. Catfish, hush puppies, fries...corn on the cob. It was the freshest fish I've had since leaving Michigan (well, except for Boondocks in Daytona Beach).

We drove around out in picturesque hills and valleys with amazingly good weather (the a/c was spotty, but generally good) and went across a huge bridge into Carthage, TN (home of Al Gore's family). We drove around Lebanon (pronounced Leb-nin) and saw a statue of Nathan Bedford Forrest with a plaque that said something about Confederate Veterans of America on it; we drove back on old country roads and saw a mailbox with four legs and a tail made out of rope so it looked like a horse, and we collected three new hair salon names:
Dixie Cuts (ha!)
Creative Images Hair Salon (I'll bet you ARE)
Hattie's Hair Salon (I don't want a Hattie haircut.)

(I love cheesy hair salon names, and dog grooming salons like "The Barking Lot.")

The cats got their monthly shampoo today, and seem very fluffy and cuddly. It was their own personal Groomingdales. (UGH!)


Blogger Chris said...

Pay lakes? Whoa.

Groomingdales.... *groan*

We have the standard "Curl Up & Dye" salon in my neighborhood. Used to have the "Chop 'n Blow," too, but alas it's no longer in business.

11:51 PM  
Anonymous P-la said...

I remember going to a pay lake when I was a kid. I would catch grasshoppers for my dad to use as bait.
The place around the corner from me is the "Barking Tub".

6:58 AM  
Anonymous martina said...

We call then Fish Farms in Ontario. None that I know of have a restaurant though. It's been along time since I had catfish! Yum!

7:36 AM  
Blogger Peevish said...

We have the occasional trout farm around here, but nothing like that!

You shampoo your cats? And you still retain all of your limbs??

5:10 PM  
Blogger Niquie said...

Welcome to my part of Tennessee. I grew up in Mt. Juliet and went to college in Cookeville and married a guy from 30 minutes north of there. The scenery is gorgeous isn't it? Hope you had a great time and hope the food was good!

7:33 PM  
Blogger Misty said...

Heck yes I know what I pay lake is!

I remember a while back you compiled a list of funny hair dressers. This one didn't have a funny name, but it sells a funny combination of things: Gateway to Heaven, hair salon and metal detector store!

9:30 PM  
Blogger Jen said...

Now that's just funny! Almost as good as one my friend saw in Georgia years ago - something like "Hank Smith's Barbecue and Taxidermy."

(We waste NONE of the animal!)

12:32 AM  

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