Tuesday, April 25, 2006


So I swear I posted something yesterday and it never showed up. What's up with that?

I had to go to the chiropractor last night - I've got the best chiro ever, who has really, really helped me to not have constant headaches and to stop grinding my teeth. Yesterday it felt like he twisted my head off and then put it back on. I'm very sure it's just stress, lack of sleep, reasonably poor nutrition and a lot of knitting.

I worked on Absorba last night, see, and it didn't hurt. So apparently there was something about the combination of misalignment and heavy cotton that was a bit toxic.

Go over to Strange Little Mama's blog and view her completed baby cable and rib sock. How cool are those? Love the yarn! I have one inch left on sock 1 before knitting toe, and about four inches left on sock 2. You know, two days of full-on knitting, so of course I'm ignoring them. Forget that my awesome awesome Vesper is waiting for me when I finish these - I'm still stalling.

I often wonder if I do this because I don't want the pattern to end, or because I feel I've internalized all the quirky ins and outs of the stitch repeat and I'm bored with it, or if there's some other reason why I tend to put off the last stages of knitting any garment. I'm doing this with the baby sweater. While I compulsively knit dishcloths, bathmats and the occasional row of sock, the darling sweater I've been plowing through is sitting unloved in a bag.

I forgot to bring it to the knitting shop the other day to ask about the gauge question. Maybe that's what I should do today. Maybe there's a new needle in my future, or maybe I will use double points. It's odd, but I never really thought when I got into magic loop knitting that a 40" circular would be so completely versatile. I tend to buy them in sizes I'll likely never use for socks.

I saw Fig and Plum's Hourglass sweater yesterday at her Flickr page. I haven't made a yarn decision yet, and some things about the neckline construction in general bother me (to a girl with the shoulders I have, v-necks and boatnecks are a form of visual torture, but I love the sleeve length she got and it's always great to see a pattern on a "real" person. As for Jemima, I'm going with the Cashsoft DK as soon as I can justify another large outlay on yarn (seems the stash is growing exponentially lately) and I am still looking for a sweater pattern for the Karabella Breeze.

I guess I will just wait on that one.

Although I titled this post ugh (because of the lost post) I feel better this morning than I have in weeks. Now if only Mom's house would sell so they can move back up here...


Blogger Chris said...

Yeah, Blogger had a lot of issues yesterday...

Did you see the picture of my hourglass, from back during the Knitting Olympics? What about the neck/shoulders wouldn't work for you?

8:59 AM  
Blogger Jen said...

Just the width of the neck. The shoulders look good, but that neckline isn't really very flattering on me.

9:13 AM  

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