Monday, April 17, 2006

I may have bitten off more than I can chew

That knitted hem. I know I can do one - knit a few rows, knit a turning row, knit a few more rows, k2tog with old and new - but what I'm being all squeeny about is getting the pieces the same. This sweater is knitted flat front & back. That may not be the best option for combining with knitted hem. Another option is to knit them but don't turn and stitch the hems until after seaming.

Sadly, that would mean that I have to purl every other row of the body of a stockinette sweater. You know I'm not going to do that, don't you? Actually, though, purl rows are the only ones I can knit without looking (I have no idea why this is the case). So it might not be bad, depending on the scenery (and that is some damn fine scenery indeed. That kind of guy makes me want to wear heels and a skirt and paint my toenails red and flirt like crazy. I don't generally wear skirts - so this is quite an effect).

(My toenails are already painted red.)

(Thinking about how shallow I am.)

So maybe I'll take out four stitches from the f&b total (two for each edge) and cast on that number, knit up to the armholes and employ some waste yarn and knit the back/front separately as if they were flat. I'm going to seam the hem while it's on the needles so I don't get mixed up about what row I'm on.

I may need some moral support. I think I can do this, but it's not really the best idea to start twiddling with major design elements the first time you knit a sweater. For instance, what will it do to the drape if I take out the seams? Will it be crooked, twisty or sloppy? What will happen? Will I sob and throw it across the room? Will I give the sweater a silly soap opera name so I can yell dramatic lines at it when I'm angry?

Stay tuned.

(Some people dropped Newsgator subscriptions to my blog last week. I hope it wasn't the post about that cussed Moussaoui. See how shallow I am?)


Blogger Chris said...

I don't think having crazy fun toenails indicates shallowness. :) It just indicates a propensity for crazy fun toenails.

If I can possibly figure out how to knit something in the round instead of flat, I do it. It usually works just fine, too. Take a look at the pattern, tho, and see if they're assuming some seaming stitches that you should remove.

And I wouldn't sweat a subscription change or two - sometimes I unsubscribe to blogs that I like just fine, but I hit a scary number of subscriptions and HAVE TO DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT TO SAVE MY SANITY.

8:37 PM  

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