Thursday, April 13, 2006


It's awfully creepy to read about the Moussaoui trail, awfully, terribly disturbing to read the transcripts of the cockpit recording. Deep in my heart I am grateful to the ordinary people on flight 93 who became heroes that fall day and crashed the plane into the field.

Personally, I think the death penalty is too good for him. Why give him the reward of martyrdom among his supporters? Like the guest blogger over at Andrew Sullivan said - I'd rather he be in prison with a burly cellmate who's a fan of NASCAR racing who beats the crap out of him every day.

I know that isn't very Christian and it's theoretically advocating something very bad. It's just emotion, and it will pass. But how do you really give justice to such a person? What amounts to justice for him might be unjust in theory. What is beneficial to him might be what we consider justice - and therefore unjust.

Another example of why I love America, though - because our fundamental human decency will not let us give these people what they deserve. In the end, while I want to think up horrible things for our government to do to such monsters, I am grateful that our government won't do it because it means we are better than they are. I'm grateful that we can speak our minds here, even if it means a...person (insert Joy's favorite word here)...can speak violent hatred against me, my faith, my fellow citizens, and my government. And our country can allow it, and that simple act of allowing that which we hate elevates us to a better society. "Turn the other cheek" - don't be vindictive, make that person slap you as a man, not a child - is an essential betterment of the victim.

But somewhere out there is a dude in federal prison wishing a guy like Moussaoui would turn up as his cellmate. Because they don't allow punching bags in prison cells and some nights he'd really like to hit more than his pillow.

Ouch, that was harsh. Even for me.


Blogger Cheesy Knit Wit said...

It may be harsh, but it is true.

4:09 PM  
Blogger Cheryl said...

my mother used to say "I don't believe in the death penalty, but they should put him in a room and club him to death"....
he wants to be a martyr so for that reason alone they should NOT give him the death penalty. Let the people in jail take care of him...They even have Richard HATCH (from survivor) in "protective custody"....

10:01 PM  

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