Wednesday, April 12, 2006

About that Vesper

Zonda asked - how did I get the V sock yarn?

I got it ages ago right after Wendy at K&T first got hers and started those durn knee socks. Then I blabbed all over the place about Vesper and how cool it was and so did a lot of other people. The upshot is, now I can't get the Neopolitan I'm dying for! (Nice.)

So yesterday I remembered that I have a lovely skein of dye your own sock yarn from The Store That Shall Not Be Named - a great SP5 gift from Jo. And Kool-Aid. But when you want brown yarn...they don't make brown Kool-Aid. (If you ever see brown Kool-Aid, do not under any circumstances let anyone convince you to drink it. Chances are the water did not come from an EPA-approved source.)

So after hunting around on the Knittyboard a bit and talking to David (King of Socks) I decided to go to Michael's in search of Wilton's icing dyes. I bought 2 for the bank-busting price of $1.69 each (a good thing after the ball winder/swift purchase) and each bottle looks to hold enough dye to color several entire sheep (if you could get them into the pot). Rose and brown. And, I have some pink lemonade Kool-Aid. So we are going for rose, light rose, brown, and maybe light brown. I'm not sure yet. I'm not copying neopolitan, just liking those colors. But I also have some Berry Blue...anything could happen!

So this weekend I'll be experimenting with three skeins of yarn - the sock yarn, a leftover ball of Patons (which is cream, so it should be interesting) and some Dale Baby Ull (which I have not yet purchased).

I have a hard time with things like this. I have my absolute dream job as an arty type, and yet when I once went to a paint-your-own-pottery thing, what I made was so craptacular I didn't even bring it home. I mean, it was astonishingly craptacular. It was worse than everything I did in second-grade art class. So I really worry that although I have no problem working in a two-dimensional space, somehow when I start applying my own colors to yarn I'll mess it up so bad that the only recourse will be to hang my head in shame.

I know - plenty of people do absolutely gorgeous work in Kool-Aid and Wilton. I have all kinds of ideas, but I don't know what will work and what won't. So...the supplies I still need - some Mason jars (9.99 for a dozen at Publix, what the heck am I going to do with a dozen Mason jars?), a food scale, some white vinegar and a lot of patience.

Must also remember to wear gloves and change into old clothes before dyeing. Otherwise, hilarity is sure to ensue at the church get-together I have that night. I don't want to go out in public with brown stains on my hands.


Blogger Lone Knitter said...

Have fun dying your yarn. I recently dyed with Kool Aid for the first time. At first I was a bit disappointed in my results, but after twisting the skein into a hank, the yarn looked so pretty. I too want to make a pink and brown cherry blossom type yarn. I can't wait to see how your yarn will turn out.

8:04 AM  
Blogger Chris said...

I like dyeing yarn with Wilton's! Just make sure you don't have large blobs of it on the yarn or the sugar will start on fire in the microwave... Fortunately Jeanne found that out, not me! :)

Spiffy new banner.

10:11 AM  
Blogger Scoutj said...

Bwhaaahaaaaa. You'll be hooked. Have you seen the dye colors at dharma trading company? :)

10:35 AM  
Blogger Jen said...

No, but I'm guessing I'll be looking. This is all Scout's fault, anyway. Blame Scout. :o)

12:11 PM  

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