Saturday, April 08, 2006

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I scored three balls of Karabella Breeze today at a yarn sale. The color is celery, the content is 60 cashmere/40 silk, and the destination is...socks. Yes, I'm going to use all 600 yards of it for socks. But in what incarnation, I do not know. I may double-strand and make house socks. I may make the Padded Footlets from IK summer last year. Could be three pairs normal socks. But either way, my first stop is a box store to buy some reeeeeinforccing thread. This stuff is soft. Pictures tomorrow in daylight. Also pics of the hailstorm we had Friday night.

The sky is the limit. Grady seems to be unnaturally attracted to cashmere, so I'll have to keep his furry mitts off it.

I've spent tonight (apart from a tiny bit of Daily Sock Knitting Requirementâ„¢) watching a show on the History Channel about the Kennedy assassination and crocheting - yes, that's right. I know how to do exactly two things in crochet at the moment - double-crochet and chain. But that's all I need to do to make my friend's granny a shawl out of (ahem) Lion Homespun. The color is Prarie, it's going quick, and concentrating on something my mother loves to do has helped me to not feel so freaked about her.

So...I'm crocheting a shawl for Thelma. :)


Blogger Chris said...

Hey, if it's doing the trick...

I wonder if Grady's trying to find the goat that the yarn came from?

11:05 PM  

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