Friday, April 07, 2006

I try to be a good sport about easter, but...

Eggs? Rabbits? Spring fertility celebration? Not for me. Easter lilies smell awful. Sunrise services? Too pagan. I'd like to go to a Passover Seder. I definitely celebrate the Resurrection of Christ. But like Jesus said, "the traditions of men make the word of God of no effect." (And here we thought he was only talking to the Pharisees, but it turns out to be relevant today!)

Theologically what I like most to yap on about this time every year is the timeline of the Resurrection. Jesus said that no sign would be given to Israel except the sign of Jonah - that just as Jonah was in the belly of the fish for three days and three nights, so the Son of Man would be in the earth for three days and three nights. Now how does this translate into Him going into the tomb on Friday and resurrecting on Sunday? Answer: It doesn't. The "part of a day" argument notwithstanding, I believe He was in the grave three actual days and three actual nights. Not parts of days and nights.

So permit me for a moment to digress from the topic of knitting. I won't stray long.

This chart will show you the timeline of the Resurrection - scripturally, and with parallels to the Old Testament scriptures that define Passover week, how Jesus was actually in the tomb three days and three nights according to the scriptures.

(If you have a while to browse around that site there's a lot of good stuff - things that will scrape you and challenge you. Examples - Why New Testament giving is NOT tithing. Why you cannot walk around saying the Church is the new Israel and that somehow God has cast off Israel forever. Lots of stuff on the theology of God's sovereignty. Why not every descendant of Abraham is a Jew. Why Christians aren't under the Law of Moses. Etc.)

And now, back to our regularly scheduled knitting content: I am slogging my way through the 10.5" of baby cardigan I have left (not bad length, but it's a lot of purl stitches for a girl who knits mostly socks). I am mostly done knitting one heel flap on the Koigu socks, and trying to decide if I should work all the way through the gusset before working the other heel or break it up into smaller bits. I spent too much time yesterday reading the Hourglass sweater knitalong blog and trying to decide if I want to tackle it (sounds like TV knitting to me).

I want to knit some pink socks with white heels and toes because they remind me of Joy's crazy shoes on My Name is Earl last night.

I'm drinking coffee, so I'm hyper. Deadline today. Must rush.


Blogger Jo said...


Sorry - I had to snicker at the too pagan comment on sunrise services. I went to one once on Vancouver Island and a seal floated out maybe 10-15 feet from shore and watched us the entire time... probably thinking we were all nuts.

When I was a kid - religion aside - Easter meant a new outfit for me. My sisters and I always got a full outfit from shoes on up for Easter.

9:20 AM  
Blogger Jen said...

I nearly choked to death on a chocolate rabbit I fished out of the Easter basket when I was 2 1/2. It was Easter morning and everyone was asleep (I'm sure I was so proud of myself for being quiet!) Thankfully Mom heard me and did a career as a knitter was almost cut short by a bunny!

I don't eat much chocolate at Easter these days.

I remember getting Easter shoes too. :)

9:33 AM  

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