Thursday, March 23, 2006

Old Hat, New Hat

So now I'm up to Sweet (Rowan), Ribby Cardi (ChicKnits) and one of Wendy Bernard's sweaters (Something Red or Essential Stripe).

Honestly, I'd better get cracking. I don't really want to knit sweaters, but I want to wear them! The Ribby Cardi looks like I'd wear it most, but I'd really love to learn top-down sweater construction (although I no longer feel ice water in my veins at the thought of seaming anything).

Now let me tell you about this yarn I just bought. It's Cascade Sierra, 80% cottton, 20% wool. Comes in giant hanks (191 yards). It is absolutely wonderful to knit with. It makes my hands so happy to touch! The stitches are even, it isn't splitty (well, once in a while), and it's just got a lovely drape. See if you don't agree -

New Hat

As for my Old Hat (the Manos hat made from some lovely Secret Pal yarn Jo sent me got a little trim last night with a safety razor. Never put the object close to your face if you wear contacts (I'm still picking fuzz out of my eyes) but my hat looks brand new! Just lay it on a flat surface and go over it with the razor gently. Voila! New hat.


Blogger Chris said...

I like how the Sierra is knitting up. Haven't tried that yarn yet.

9:23 AM  

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