Saturday, December 10, 2005


I had in mind to do laundry and cleaning today, and I did get some done, but this is what I spent most of the day doing:


That's Daisy, a sweater pattern by the lovely and talented Yarn Harlot, Stephanie Pearl Mc-Phee and published by the esteemable Knitty. The yarn is Dreambaby DK, which I totally recommend for anyone knitting babywear (Sheila told me that it's the only acrylic she'll use, at least I think I remember that right, hey?). The pattern is very easy and quick to knit. I had about 5" of it done (bottom up) and I got to 7", divided for fronts and back AND knitted them plus about 2.5" of both sleeves between about 12:30pm and 6pm.

Things I regret: using an Inox needle for this, which seems too heavy for this light and froufy yarn; not starting with the sleeves (because although I'm doing both at once - you should too - I am working sleeve 1 from the inside of the ball and sleeve 2 from the outside. This means I have to stop and untangle the ball every few minutes. I tried the Ziploc bag thingy but that was a mess.) Also watching an Alfred Hitchcock movie with Laurence Olivier in it while I worked on this. Why does he always give me the creeps?

Things I changed: I kept the button placket (left front, stage right in picture) border in seed stitch. Her pattern says to just k1, p1 on rs and purl across on ws, and I've no idea why. I knitted a few rows this way and didn't like how it looked, so I dropped stitch 3 down and made that column seed stitch. I didn't fix the border, but even I can't tell so there is no need.

I think I am going to do the hood version, if I have enough yarn for a hood. I have the yardage specified by the pattern to do the hood version, so we'll see once I get the sleeves and neck done how that works out.

All in all, a very easy pattern and quick to knit!


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