Tuesday, August 30, 2005

Let's talk about this for a minute.

If a category five hurricane is bearing down on your house, do not stay. Do not think you'll be all right. The strongest concrete house offers no protection against flooding.

I'm just horrified by the news reports - a two-block long section of levee in NO that protects the city from Lake Ponchartrain broke and they are saying that 80% of the city is under water. Swamp, stagnation, disease, filth, people trapped in attics and screaming for help, with no food or water, everything you own gone. Deadly snakes everywhere. Martial law. Bodies from the above-ground crypts floating around in the streets.

It's just stuff, ok, but if I lived in the Gulf area I'd be looking to move to Nebraska or something after this. No way in hell would I rebuild.

I understand some people - lots of people - just couldn't get out.


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