Friday, October 31, 2008

One more thing

I want to say this and then I'm done with politics for a bit: no matter how much you think things are wrapped up, this election is in *your* hands. If you are able, cast a vote on November 4. Don't worry about long lines. Ignore the polls. Do not pay attention to pundits who say the race is over.

If you're voting Obama, cast your vote to make it decisive. Go on record as supporting him and his policy.

If you're voting McCain, cast your vote to make it decisive. Go on record as supporting him and his policy.

Either way, vote. That is your right and your freedom as an American. Do not let TV, articles, the internet, other people, opinions, pundits, columnists or other people demoralize you into staying home, or tell you that your vote doesn't matter. Ignore them, and vote.

No matter whose side you are on, YOUR VOTE CERTAINLY DOES MATTER.


Blogger sgeddes said...

I voted but I'm going slightly off topic.... I'm traveling for work and saw something yesterday while we were driving to dinner and thought of you....

Cut & Shoot Hair Salon, Austin, TX.

10:52 AM  
Blogger soxanne said...

I couldn't agree with you more - even though our politics are not the same - voting is the most important thing. Anyone who abstains from voting should refrain from commenting about the issues - because anyone who doesn't make their voice heard at the polls, shouldn't be whining about the results.

You go girl - make a decision and make it decisive!

(At my old job my best lunch buddy and I used to cancel out each others' votes every time. We still have coffee together and it seems we will still cancel each others' votes out this year).

10:18 PM  

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