Tuesday, June 03, 2008

My Granny is a Monster

See? This is how I get my crazy on:


This is what I've been working on all week - mindless, 70s appliance-colored granny squares. The original blanket I made for my cats last fall has been so well-loved! Somebody chewed holes in it, somebody else hauls it all over the apartment with him and lays wherever he likes. So this is another one. It's really not THIS hideous in real life, colorwise...

...but it's pretty bad. There are 16 orange-and-gold five-ring granny squares. I made them while watching TV last week. First I made all the centers, then increased each square by one ring, one by one till they were done. On Saturday I watched Dirty Dancing (first time ever! Y'all can have Patrick Swayze!) and seamed up half of it. On Sunday night I seamed up the other half watching Cold Case reruns. Then I decided it wasn't big enough and had to have a border. I had green, blue, and red wool-ease on hand. Green just fit better. I am making the border by treating the whole thing as one giant granny square. It takes about 45 minutes to do a border.

So, um, if by some tiny minute chance you want to make one, that's how to do it.


Blogger Apple said...

Oh! But I like how it looks! It must be gorgeous in real life if it's that pretty online! Maybe I'm just enamoured of the pattern of it, how you alternate the colour order of the squares specifically. Checkers make me happy :D I've got to make my kitties blankies soon as well, I had swatched some Eco+, and it ended up working perfectly as a "euphoric clawing" pad as my ex is a wuss and can't handle how the cats tend to extend and retract their claws on him when he's petting them and they like it, like cats do, you know. I can handle it, but he can't. So one day I placed it under Cookie's right paw which was on him and he was wincing and complaining, and et voila, no more clawing into his leg! So that worked really well,and then Cookie laid her little cute-nosed face down on the swatch square, so I figured I should make her a blankie. So many blankies to knit, two friends' babies on the way, four kitties to knit or crochet for, baby booties and jackets and caps to make, oh golly! But YOUR grannie squared kitty blankie is delightful and certainly not horrific nor hideous :)

7:16 PM  
Blogger Girl with the Purl said...

The color scheme is perfect, and I love how the colors are inverted for every other square. I couldn't crochet as well as I could knit, so I admire you :P

4:18 PM  

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