Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Freshly returned from a long trip through Etsy

My second-sock progress is almost non-existent and I think my knitting mojo ran off with my circadian rhythms and they are shacked up together in a seedy hotel somewhere. (That is a sentence I never thought I'd right. Also, I am KIDDING.)

So instead of raving about stitch #634 of sock 2 and boring you with sock heel pictures, let me tell you where I have been hanging out way too much lately. In case you haven't heard, there is some *serious* talent on Etsy. But Etsy is huge - 2622 pages of purses listed alone. I don't even know what else is out there.

So I'm posting tonight - with a funky sinus thing and major exhaustion (no, not "major" in the Victoria Beckh*m sense, sadly) - a list of my favorite Etsy vendors right now. All of these people will treat you right and serve up quality goods.

Disclaimer: This is not to say that anyone who didn't get mentioned isn't good! I'm just listing people I particularly like at the moment.

First, my favorite bag designer is definitely Moop. This gal has style, taste, awesome skillz and a great story. I just ordered a sage green market bag and I'm so excited. Because y'all know I am powerless to resist the power of the purse.

Next up, my favorite little sock bags remain Schrodinger sock cubes. The bags are durable, a great size, well-made and very fun! I love mine utterly.

I just bought a litter bag for my new wheels. I looked high and low for a cool one around town and nothing stood out. So I took a piece of advice from Betty and ordered a bag from this shop. Allyson was great and even helped me match my car interior! See for yourself:


And I got a couple of keychain wristlets from this shop as well. I know, put the Paypal down and step awaaaay from the computer. I actually sold a bunch of yarn and just had fun spending the money a little at a time till I ordered my market bag today, so you don't need to hold an intervention or anything (yet!).

So anyway, what are your favorite Etsy shops? Not that I need to spend anymore money!


Blogger Zonda said...

Cool stuff! Thanks for the link on the wristlets. Not going to enable you...although I should ;) Neat bag, are you enjoying your new car?

11:06 PM  
Blogger Chris said...

I wonder if there's an etsy addicts' support group?

10:25 AM  

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