Monday, March 10, 2008

The Daylight Saving Time people gave me jetlag

Seriously! Between flying one time zone over and the time change, I've no idea what time it is, I feel absolutely out of it and have all weekend! My nephew and I played the entirety of Halo this weekend, and wanted to play one last level this morning before he left for school because I had to leave by the time he got back. He normally gets up by 6, so we set the alarm for 5. In Florida.

Which of course would have been ****4 AM**** on Saturday.

Which of course would have been ****3 AM**** in Nashville on Saturday.

Just because it was Monday doesn't mean I was caught up.

Y'all, I want you to know that I deserve the BEST AUNT EVER award for getting up at 3 am (mentally and physically) to play "The Truth and Reconciliation."

Actually I was too tired this morning to realize what time it really was, and when I woke up for reals I worked it out and decided it's actually proof I'm crazy. I'm off to eat and try to stay awake until my normal bedtime. Am not feeling optimistic.


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