Wednesday, January 09, 2008

Stranded knitting III

I tried to watch Gossip Girl tonight but wasn't into it; instead, here's the third installment in my stranded-knitting techniques series. (There may be more, if I keep going in my project and think of something that needs to be covered, but for right now this is it. However I am thinking of one more...on blocking.)

Let's say you're the purest of continental knitters, and even with stranded knitting your right hand never wraps a stitch. You only pick, and you're very comfortable doing it. I'm sure you'd like to weave in your strands just like the two-handed knitters—it's not fair that they have all the fun. Here's a little trick for you. This may have been talked about somewhere before, more eloquently than my abilities allow, but I hope my little comic helps somebody. Knowing this trick has certainly helped me.

The basic principle of weaving is that while knitting you are sort of winding the two strands around each other so that the yarn that isn't used gets secured in along with the yarn that is. The two-handed method is a two-part technique that both weaves (step 1, the wrapping/unwrapping part) and locks (step 2, when you simply knit the next stitch) your unused yarn in place. (Me, personally? I switch hands when I need to weave in a lot of the mc, or I do the first part of the weaving technique without the second, and as long as I maintain even tension this works just fine. Wrap the mc as you usually do, then wrap the cc, then unwrap the mc and knit. Knit the next stitch normally. Note: This may not work for you. I am not even sure it works for me, but I feel better when I do it.)

I admit this method is a bit scratch-and-dent, it's not as graceful as some techniques are, but if you practice it you'll quickly build speed, and the first time you put it into practice you'll be able to see exactly what to do next. Try it out!

Here's the comic.

Weaving 102

P.S.: I bought my wire coil strickfingerhut at JoAnn for about $5. It's called a Norwegian knitting thimble and looks like this.

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You're my HERO! Thank you so much for solving my problem!

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