Tuesday, December 04, 2007


More apologies for not being around! I stink. I'm way overwhelmed right now AND I'm sick again, this time with a bad case of sniffles/body aches. Friends who have had some big major thing that sends them to bed for three days say I don't have that, but every other person at work is out for 2-3 days so I probably have some other crudness; I'd know it if I was really sick or maybe that Airborne stuff really does something after all. I'm all Mucinex-ed and Claritin-ed up.

I wanted to post last night, but y'all, my internet was down and I was watching that game and eating chicken soup and also, it was the best football game in the history of the world! That last Hail Mary pass! Those four Patriot defensive guys just putting the bear hug on the receiver! Drama!

Before that, I watched a movie called Onegin, which was Awfulgin. I mean really. No resolution whatsoever at the end, just a sad sorry sack of a movie. So after, I switched over to some Tom Brady goodness, but boy was HE having a bad night. I am glad that his bad nights are still better than everyone else.

I am stressed out, tired, sick again and have nothing interesting to talk about. I miss y'all, I really do! Wait, I **do** have something to talk about! Knitting!

I finished Glee, but I don't like it. I need to make some modifications to the body, which will take a bit of effort, so for now she is in time out. Till probably after the holidays. Not good when you knit a sweater with a V that comes out all baggy under the V and right over your belly. Because it makes me look ROUND. Grrrrr!

I started a sock for my mom out of Tofutsies (the pink pink colorway) - these absolutely gorgeous socks from SpaceKitty. I mean, how gorgeous are these? And fun to knit! And fast, she wants short socks so they are super-quick. The Tofutsies feels a bit stringy, but I really like how it's knitting up. Word is she wears her other pair all the time, so I think it's time I gave her some more, don't you???

Also, I grafted the toe of the first one of my Merino Lace Socks last night by the light of the monkey-infused Christmas tree. Pictures soon! I quit the foot a tad early and made the toe a bit longer and I love them. Really, truly love them. This sock pattern I was nervous about! Mostly because of Canal du Midi syndrome (ugly photo in the book) but also because it just didn't look fantastic until the toe was on it. Now it does! Must start second!

ALSO, you get a lot of knitting done while you are sitting on the couch sick and don't have a tremendous, fine-gauge sweater to hog all your knitting time. I *really* miss knitting socks and smaller items. I started one of Jared's lovely Koolhaas hats (don't forget to knit those cable twists through the back loops!) in some brown hempforknitting that I absolutely adore.

In short: Sick. Love knitting. Miss you. Write soon. :)


Blogger bellamoden said...

Feel better :( being sick is just no fun.

7:45 PM  
Anonymous jackie said...

i'm sick, too. sure does suck, doesn't it? i need more knitting time, dammit.

hope you feel better soon!

9:04 PM  
Anonymous Kim said...

Miss you, too! Take care of yourself!

6:29 AM  
Anonymous pjbknit said...

I'm sick, too. My other sick co-workers did not get bronchitis. All I could work on was a sock, and garter stitch baby bib. Feel better soon.

4:05 PM  

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