Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Hi everybody!

I woke up late from a really involved dream in which I was with GB and we were trying to find our way into a downtown building for something and I remember seeing about fifteen very cheery people in Kl*n uniforms going into what I knew was a photo studio, and him and I deducing that somebody was shooting an ad, and lots more trying doors and finding entrances, all in the dream. I don't like dreams that go on and on. But I will tell you that I worked the cast-on for Jemima last night, an Italian tubular cast-on that is unbelievably easy once you get the hang of it. I sat down with my Montse Stanley book for a good hour trying to figure out her version of it but no matter what I did I kept messing up which strand was which, and I was trying to use only my regular yarn. Then I went to FluffBuff, but the real clincher for me was watching the video of how to do it.

So I promptly went back and did it on my size 8 needles, then realized as soon as I finished it that I was supposed to be doing it on 6s. Half hour later, I had my cast-on and first row of ribbing. I ended up doing all ten rows of color A rib plus three of stockinette, and went to bed at midnight.

How do I feel about this cast-on for a sweater edge? I don't know, honestly. It's very pretty and neat, but it looks a bit loose. This may be my inexperience, or it may be how it is. But it does look good.

The yarn is Rowan Cashsoft DK - I got it from Elann when they were having a sale last month. The color is Savannah Sand, and the contrast tipping is in cream. It's going to be really nice together.

Twist kept staring at me the whole time. I need to set a goal of getting it done this week.


Blogger bellamoden said...

Can't wait to see the progress pictures!

And icky puti on the dream. They're so skeevy, aren't they?

8:13 AM  

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