Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Retro, spunky!

Y'all, I had SO MUCH FUN reading your comments about me and the bag and sometimes trying very hard to figure out which was meant for which. Thank you to everybody who left a comment.

The winner by random-number drawing is Kelly with "Retro, Spunky!" and I think there was only one Kelly, so...Kelly! Please email me with your address! (Look in the sidebar.) Blogger comments still don't work to force email. I know I should hook the Haloscan up, but I didn't want to lose everything I ever had for a comment previously. That looks like my only option though.

Hope everybody has a lovely lovely Wednesday! I worked on sock 2 last night, but had to frog back since I messed up my row count. It's so much trouble to figure out where I was at I'm probably better off frogging that last 5 or 6 rows and starting over. Sigh.


Blogger sarah said...

Gorgeous socks, great shame about the hand. I hope it's improving.

And those dolls are so cute!

12:59 PM  

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