Wednesday, February 28, 2007


You may think that over here at Chez I-Cord we have a super-secret, high-military-level-clearance way of choosing the next sock pattern because I never talk about how I decide what to knit next, but we do not. Because, let's face it, I really have not made a lot of spectacular socks in a while. The Monkeys do count as spectacular - the right combination of gauge, fit, pattern and yarn. There are others. I am looking in my sock drawer at the moment (the one for the knitted socks) and I am mostly happy with them.

Y'all, last night I was tired and wordy and I just went on and on and on about picking a pattern, but here's the basic truth of it - I knitted the last STR yarn I had too tightly (Knitting Olympics) and I don't really like the finished socks because of it. This time I'm going to use bigger needles. I'm trying to figure out at the moment how the yarn is going to behave - pooling? striping? plain old variegated? - from an aesthetic standpoint.

From a physical standpoint I've worked out how to solve the actual problem of yarn and needles. Now I need to take the appearance of the yarn into consideration and find something that will exploit (in a good way) the particular look of my particular yarn. I have three lines of thinking - 1. Stockinette or ribbing, similar to the Vesper Knit and Tonic socks I made last summer; 2. Forget the aesthetic and pick a pattern I like without worrying what the yarn will do (as I did with the Hello Yarn Cable Twist socks I made earlier this year); 3. Try to pick a pattern that works with the messiness of hand-dyed, variegated yarn (I'm thinking Anna Bell's Badcaul pattern, linked in the post below).

Once I make that decision, I'll have a direction and be able to narrow it down even more. I've been interested to read the different ways of tackling this problem over at Julia and Marnie's Create-A-Long, though they are working to come up with original designs. I have many more bad ideas than good ones at work - the trick is to weed through all the ideas to get to the right one. With knitting I am still learning, and I often don't know how long to give myself to think through the process. (Which usually means I start anyway and then have to frog.)

Anyway, I hope I am not boring, but if I am, come back tomorrow for cat pictures!

OH! AND! I forgot! I don't remember if I posted about this before, I think it was during a week where I was getting a D- in blogging. My Knitty SP8 got me the MOST BEAUTIFUL skein of Noro, but I messed up the pictures of it. I have to take some more and post them, because it is TO DIE FOR. Thank you SP! :) Whoever you are!


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