Monday, December 18, 2006

Relief and some notes

I got my packages mailed, all of my three deadlines have been met, and I have a massa ge at 3:30. I think I might be able to actually relax!

Notes on the border for the Moderne Baby Blanket - The instructions given in the pattern say to turn to page 75 and knit the border as instructed. Those instructions say to pick up sts on the wrong side of the work and knit 4 ridges. (I think this would leave a dotted line on the front of the blanket.) This isn't what's shown in the picture, and not what I did, either. I emailed Kay, searched around online, and what I found is that she said she knit 2 garter ridges, picked up on the right side and bound off knitwise with a crochet hook on a ws row. This worked great for me except I added one more ridge for seaming. Kay also suggested that either a crocheted border or an applied (cough cough) i-cord border would work.

So that's there for posterity, in case anybody else is out searching at midnight for what exactly is supposed to happen on this border.

I am nearly done with the body of my hat to the decreases, then hopefully tonight I will knit the lining and decrease away and have a new hat for me! (The other one was for my stepmom's birthday.) Woo!


Blogger Jeanne said...

Congratulations on making the deadline! I'm so envious—a massage? Just the thing a stressed-out knitter needs after beating the rush.

3:15 PM  

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