Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Ok, back to seriousness

Sorry about all the silliness, but we love silly at Chez I-Cord.

Jeanne in the comments was envious about my massa ge. This thing should not be! Don't envy me. I go because I have a stressful job and to not go means feeling terrible all the time. Massa ge isn't a luxury to me! I get sports massage - neuromuscular, swedish, shiatsu, lymphatic - and it doesn't feel good while I'm on the table, and today I'm sore, but tomorrow I will be A New Jen. I have fewer health problems (in fact, my acid reflux bout this year and other issues started when my old therapist quit and I didn't have anything else lined up). The lymph helps get the excess fluid out of my ears and head and helps me hear better, instead of like everything is under water. It's just a good, healthy thing to do.

But let me tell y'all today, my lats are sore. I mean, really, truly, burning-like-I-was-doing-shoulder-presses sore.

I finished A Hedera and It Is Tragic - too small. Around. At the ANKLE, that crucial juncture where the heel bone makes the foot a truly massive thing. I hit gauge AND this sock is logically big enough to fit my ankle and there is no reason that it shouldn't fit me, but it doesn't - it leaves marks in my ankle. I'm so sad about it, because i have been plugging away at these socks for a month now. I am past the heel on the second one, good thing I can frog if I want.

I could make the other and gift them to someone, but the pattern isn't the fastest in the world.

I am thinking about giving them away to someone with size 10 feet and smaller than 9" ankles...someone who would knit the rest of the second sock and happily wear them. If you know anyone like this, let me know and maybe we could swap something. The yarn is Regia 4-faedig. I would wear them if they weren't leaving lace-prints in the tops of my feet.

No promises, but I could be swayed. :)


Blogger lorinda said...

Glad you take care of yourself with a massage.

And poo to the naughty Hedera! If I had your size feet, I'd be ALL over a swap. I'll mention it on my blog if you like (so my 2.5 readers will know).

7:34 AM  
Blogger Tala said...

Ahh...I have size 10 feet, but alas, 10 inch bony-ass ankles. Boo hoo.

The gizoogle thing is hysterical! Love it!

10:05 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Never apologize or justify a massage. I got one every two weeks when I worked. That man hurt me so good. I was in worse pain the next day but the day after... I was a new woman.

2:18 AM  

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