Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Christmas at the I-Cord

Tonight, though it pains me to tell you, I had Christmas with the Kitties. The I-Cord Kitties. Grady and Fiona. During which:

1. GB called me on the way to his show and expressed his abject disappointment at being left out of Christmas with the Kitties. I explained that I have to do it this way because tomorrow I am leaving, and tomorrow they get Christmas Kitty Dinner, and you have to do presents the night before. Plus I am leaving town for a week.

2. The phrase, "I am a crazy cat lady" was uttered more than once.

3. Slightly placated GB by telling him we could have additional After Christmas with the Kitties Christmas, and slightly placated cats by telling them the same.

4. I opened the presents. This is how it goes every year. They don't get me anything, but they allow me to open their gifts in order to ease the pain of my giftlessness. They sit and watch attentively and sniff the packages and jump when I take things out of the box. Fun times! This year they got two pop-up cat cubbies (leopard print!), a crinkly Cat Activity center (currently being ignored) and some Hairball Treats (can we have a better name, please??). Fee LOVES the cat cubbies. She is sleeping in one as we speak. Grady is a teeny tiny bit too large for them. When he gets out he carries it around with him for a few steps. Kind of embarrassing for a Plus-Size Big and Tall Cat.

5. I completely forgot about packing for my trip, then I got sidetracked looking for a camera cable, then I made tea, then I ate some sugar-free jell0 and posted to a message board, then I printed out my Christmas card list, then HEY! PACKING! I set out the clothes on my bed, then I typed this.

6. I packed my knitting at 4pm today.

7. I can smell Christmas cookies.

8. Wait, this was a list of Kitties Christmas? Well, nothing else happened. They are sleeping, just like you do after you open your presents. GB is somewhere playing music in front of a lot of people, I am going to bed, and I think my camera is broken. Because it takes pictures like this:

Still life with no blue sensor

Still life with no red sensor

Although I am quite talented in Photoshop, I promise I did not alter that photo in any way except to resize.

(Translation: I am hosed. And shopping for cameras.)

See y'all Friday - ish!


Blogger sgeddes said...

Sound slike your kitty Christams is much like it is here. They get to watch me open their presents and then eat special treat. They usually ignore all presents and take a big nap!

Funky camera results. What type of camera will you be getting?

11:52 PM  
Blogger Chris said...

Dang, you'll have to always save that camera because it is a cool effect.

Heh, I'm not letting my cats see this. They don't get Kitty Christmas, so I'm sure they'd be quite upset.

7:23 AM  
Anonymous Kat with a K said...

Sounds like a wonderful Kitty Christmas! I have to pack for my trip too...

8:32 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I used to have Dog and Cat Christmas, too. They always appreciate their gifts!
How do you do that strike-through? I love the effect...almost like real journal writing.
Merry Christmas.


10:09 AM  
Blogger Zonda said...

Love it! Christmas at the I-cord! Hehe, how you so eloquently put Grady's sizing..I can just picture him walking around for a minute wondering what the heck is still hanging on the back!

Have a great trip! :)

10:32 AM  

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