Tuesday, September 05, 2006


The guy who googled "Napoleon Dynamite Phone Cord Sale" wrote me a note to say he was just looking for a really long phone cord and didn't mean anything weird.

I would like everyone to know I wasn't making fun of HIM for LOOKING, I was laughing that Google pulled up MY BLOG for "Napoleon Dynamite Phone Cord Sale". Because it's a weird hodgepodge of all kinds of words from my posts.

Now, y'all, road trips are great fun for me because I scope out those dog or hair salons. Remember? Groomingdales? Hair Affair? I like nothing more.

Two from this trip: On I-65 N somewhere in Indiana we saw a fireworks place called "Boom City: Home of the Big One." Can you imagine being the person who has to answer the phone every day? "Thank you for calling Boom City, home of the big one, can I help you?" (Say that aloud without laughing.)

The other one was a cigarette place on I-69 near Angola, IN (we took a different way home) called The Butt Hut. I kid you not. The Butt Hut.

The next 50 miles were taken up with writing jokes: "She loved him until she found out he was going down to The Butt Hut after work. Then she left." The other part that was funny was that it was down the street from a restaurant called Gay's. Which wasn't a gay bar, but does make for funny directions: "To get to Gay's, go down Taylor Street and turn right at the Butt Hut."

(Apologies to anyone drinking a beverage during that last post. Please do not cuss me while you are wiping off your computer keyboard.)

Y'all. I am not right. I'm gonna go work on my crazy...I'll post pictures later tonight.


Blogger Carol said...

Too funny! The Butt Hut...I can't stand it!

5:59 PM  
Blogger lorinda said...

Something about Indiana--we drove into a small town to stop for gas at this nasty old Shell station, and the "S" had fallen down. I thought that truth in advertising had reached its apex, and we laughed for about an hour.

9:03 PM  
Blogger Zonda said...

hahaha!! I love it when you find these places!! :)

9:17 PM  
Anonymous kirsten said...

Har. :O)

5:28 PM  

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