Monday, August 21, 2006

Swatchy goodness

Swatched the EL Silky Tweed tonight, because I finished the other Fetching glove (except the thumb) and I promised myself that as a reward. I don't remember the other skeins I've bought being so tangled - these are crazy tangled, enough so that winding two skeins took over half an hour. The yarn is crunchy to knit and feels a bit sparse, but once it gets wet, it takes on a life of its own. I can't wait to see it dry.

I am swatching for Marilyn's Not-So-Shrunken Cardigan (from The Garter Belt), but I will make some modifications to it probably. For one thing, I'm not sure a cropped cardigan is going to look good on me - I'm so long waisted. I need a longer silhouette to balance me out. Luckily it's a raglan and I'll be able to try it on as I go. Love the knitted hem. The ruffles, not so much (then why did I pick this pattern? Huh. Love the shape.) So I may end up doing a button band that is flat but hems around the back. Will have to see. Will it mean the sweater will bear no resemblance to the original and probably embarrass the designer? Probably. Does it mean I have no discipline when it comes to following patterns? Pretty much!

I was dutiful - I measured my favorite cardigan and wrote down the measurements for sizing this. I believe it will end up the same length as that cardi, but shaped. I believe I'll probably run out of wool and need more.

But I got gauge - 22 st/in on #6s. You see the holes, don't you? It's because I always forget. So, yo/k2tog, and the number of holes = the needle size. I saw this on Knitty Gritty a while ago, and forgot about it till I saw Kate's lovely knitted-in needle sizes. Hers are better, but this is all my lack of talent allows.

So here is the swatch. It's wet, but already looks more even and less crunchy. And smells delightfully of lavender.



Anonymous Kirsten said...

If I ever swatch anything I'll have to use that trick! BRRRRRILLIANT!

12:12 AM  

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