Thursday, May 11, 2006

Knitting and scissors don't mix

But I did it anyway. This time when I did the afterthought heel on Thuja, I just threaded the needle through the stitches I was going to knit and then hacked open the waste yarn with a pair of nail scissors. Yes, it was scary, but in order to prevent unfortunate mishaps (are there any fortunate ones?) I knitted two rows on the waste yarn before going back to the regular yarn.

This serves a dual purpose - one, no messy unraveling to deal with (well, it's still a bit messy, but it's quicker) and two, when you do one row back-and-forth you end up back at your starting point, so you can just pick up the regular yarn and go on. No worrying about how to get the yarn from there to the end of the row, etc.

Clearly I'm a pretty lazy knitter, and because of some sizing considerations I'm not completely sure I love the afterthought heel - but it's practical, fairly easy to do and doesn't take any more time than knittting a toe.

I didn't work on anything else last night, and I still have to finish sewing up the dreaded holes in the corners (I have not yet learned how to completely avoid them).

What about Idol last night? Even Chris was shocked. Guess he really thought he was going to win the contest (I did too, actually). I liked him okay, great personality and very good voice, but he had a consistently dreary, sad-b*stard-metal choice of tunes and I think the Elvis night really drove it home for me: he made every song he sang sound the same. (How's that for sibilants?)

Still, I think Katherine lucked out big time - any of them could win and it would make me happy.

And LOST? Trippy.


Blogger Jocelyn said...

What about Elliott? I'll admit that he was great on Tuesday night, but I don't really understand how he is still on the show. I find him pretty dull. Maybe Katharine will get lucky this week, and the theme will be Barbra Streisand!

9:09 AM  
Blogger JennyRaye said...

Lost was way trippy!!!!

About the Afterthought heel--I found that the one that has you decreasing at 4 points is too tight for me, I much prefer Dawn Brocco's 6 point decrease.

5:38 PM  

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