Monday, March 27, 2006

Where it's at

(Think Beck.)

I finished the Child's First Sock in Shell Pattern on Saturday night - they are sewn up and everything. Just need a quick soak in the sink and they'll be (hopefully) fabulous. I'm still a little worried that they aren't knitted tightly enough.

The baby socks - they are so cute! My gauge, however, is not "cute." It's way off; about 8 st per inch instead of 9. So what that means is I have a "baby" sock with a foot that is 5 1/2" around. I'm going to email a couple friends with year-old kids and ask them if that foot is remotely their size. If it is, I'll finish the socks and give them to them, and make a smaller pair for Hailey.

I don't think I've ever gotten a gauge tighter than 8 to the inch in my life. Honest.

In other news, I started a pair of socks for me! In my yummy Koigu goodness! I started out by using the Oak Ribbed Sock pattern from Nancy Bush, but quickly decided I wanted a cable, so I kept the same stitch repeat and instead of the K4 part of it I C2F every fifth row. I think I may also work a short-row heel into these socks. Anyway, they are knitting up beautifully. (I was working in them while standing on line for new license tags today.) So these are for me me me. And after I finish, I'll make some other pattern from my Sundara Popsicle yarn. And then, some Cascade Sierra house socks, toe-up with short row heels and toes.

I'm a busy gal. Will I ever finish Clapotis? Sheesh.


Blogger Chris said...

Wow, you are just busy cranking out the socks!

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