Friday, March 24, 2006

Oh, the preciousness

Last night at That Knitting Group (you know, the Copyrighted™ One), Jenn (wish I had a link) brought in the Cutest. Ever. Baby. Socks. They were knit from Dalegarn Stork in a light ivory colour using the Better than Booties pattern from the Summer 05 IK.

I had already made the Kimono and I really wanted to make these socks at the time, but it was also the same time I knit a Bubby bear for my nephew, and decided to make a Tiny bear (also featured in that spread) to go with it. Because of the purchase of a tiny plastic arsenal, it's been put to good use.

But let me tell you about those needles. Size 0 10" Skacel dpns. Hideous monstrosities. Killed my hands. Made me cuss using words I didn't know I knew for half the time, and sound like a crazy woman talking to myself for the other half. I. Hated. Those. Needles. I originally bought them for Mom to use (to make the Better than Booties socks!) but she hated them too. So I tried that one project, and they've sat in the pasta holder that holds my straight needles ever since.

Complicated, huh? So now, let's fast-forward to last December, when somehow after knitting a few socks halfheartedly, sock-making clicked for me. Not only that, I discovered I am an obsessive sock maker. (Possibly compulsive as well.) I bought Nancy Bush's vintage socks book, but was disappointed to see how many of the patterns were for 2mm size 0 needles - which I detested.

Eventually I caved and bought the size 0 Addi Turbos I complain about for my Olympic socks. What's one more challenge when you're already doing a toe-up lace sock with short row heel and toe that's too small for you as written? And have an ear infection? Come big deal!

So I bought two 0 40" Addi Turbos (to do two at once) and I cussed all the way through that pattern, mainly because I have an innate misunderstanding of the structure of lace but also largely due to the fact that I was using these Addi 0s. They bent in my hands. They were clacky and noisy. They didn't feel good.

I complained and complained. But you know, while I sit here with my Olympic socks on my feet, I think I did the right thing.

But, my excuse for not making all those Nancy Bush patterns faded. And so did my excuse for not making those baby socks. (I even tried the booties from Holiday Knits and ended up with a great pair, if your baby has a giant foot and a normal foot.)

So I couldn't avoid the Better than socks anymore after seeing Jenn's version of the Chevron Lace socks last night. I bought the Dale Stork, I cast on (with the 0s), I somehow did a turned picot cast on hem without destroying it on the first shot (I didn't even really read the instructions through, just followed them blindly). The yarn worked. The needles worked. The pattern worked (except for the 4 rows I had to tink back because I didn't realize that the second yarnover comes before the decrease).

I have an inch of darling, darling baby sock, and I couldn't be happier. I don't know if these needles will ever be my favourites, but at least they are passable with cotton yarn.

The cords are nice, though. So there's the story of what I'm knitting now. I need to update my sidebar - I have the cotton hat, the cotton socks, and I finished on of the Child's socks for my friends last night. (I couldn't wait to block it, because I have a sinking feeling I should have used the 0s to knit the Wildfoote. The bottom feels a little thin.)

All this is part of an elaborate plan to avoid working on Clapotis, which is useless until October because in Tennessee in April you really don't need a scarf. Really.


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Heh, if you ever wanna unload size 0 Addis, you just let me know. :)

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