Monday, March 13, 2006

Ten Reasons I Like Kirsten

I just feel like being a fun friend today and doing something nice. Call it a meme - find one blogger in your life you especially appreciate and post your own list. Tag, you're it.

Ten Reasons I Like Kirsten:
10. She drives a yellow car. Who drives a yellow car? Cheery people, that's who. (Evidence of sunny outlook on life.)
9. She taught me how to do Magic Loop.
8. She can never, ever, ever think of the right word for anything. She can think of an 18-word explanation for what that one word means, but not the word itself. So I call her the "human thesaurus." Or dictionary.
7. She likes bright colors, in stark contrast to me. It's good for me to have a friend who likes bright colors.
6. When I need advice, she is always calm, thoughtful, and gracious.
5. When I told her, years ago, about my wild years, she said "it's like you're telling me about somebody else." I have never forgotten that - it was a very meaningful act of grace.
4. She appreciates other cultures.
3. When she is struggling, she is a great example of perseverance: "I've been here before; this too shall pass."
2. She's a great knitter.
1. Nobody, nobody, makes me laugh as hard as Kirsten does (except my sister).

Kirs, you rock. I'm glad you're my pal and I hope today is great!


Blogger Chris said...

How sweet! And thanks for sharing. I knew Kirsten rocked, but now I have more evidence. :D

12:08 PM  
Anonymous Kirsten said...

Oh dear...tears. I so totally needed to hear that somebody likes me and has reasons for it. :o) Didn't know that I needed it until I started reading which lead to the tears...

2:19 PM  
Anonymous Kirsten said...

Plus, now if I ever get enough motivation to write out 100 Things About Me I have a couple covered (I especially like the "human thesaurus" one. That might have to be Number One.

2:26 PM  
Blogger Jen said...

Definitely! That one's my favorite, too, and how I got the idea of the list.

We like you, Kirs! We really like you! :)

2:28 PM  

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