Saturday, March 11, 2006

Oscar fashion

I worked hard on this post at the Knittyboard, so I'm also posting it here for posterity.

Uma was my "fashionable" favorite (although her dress was not made to be its best in daylight), and despite the hysteria over the pockets, I loved Sandra Bullock's dress. (I also LIKED the Carolina Herrera dress Amy Adams wore - stunning). JLo's dress was amazing but I'm not sure I've fully forgiven her for past fugshion.

Nicole Kidman's dress looked unfinished to me (necklace or something?) and Naomi Watts' looked like the cat had a fit on the bodice while Naomi was showering. Joan Rivers had a lampshade on her dress, Felicity Huffman's sternum is not sexy, Selma Hayek's dress was unutterably fabulous but somehow reminded me of the Columbia Pictures logo;

but purely from a glam standpoint, Ziyi Zhang (if you're American, or Zhang Ziyi if you're Chinese) was my absolute favorite.

(PS, Sock just came out of Surgery - I had to CUT the part where I did the oversewing! I weave in ends a little TOO well. Reknit tomorrow.)


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