Monday, February 13, 2006

Olympic Progress, Day 3

Those Finnish judges just won't give me a break.

I've decided that, contrary to all logic, popular opinion and fact, this is the best sock I've ever made. It fits absolutely like a glove. The yarn couldn't be prettier; the stitch pattern is a work of art.

Despite all that...grump grump grump. The stupid Addi Turbos I'm using? They are clacky. They bend in my hands. They scrape. I am an INOX girl, and I'm sorry if that's too low-rent for some. I love them utterly.

The pattern, while it is gorgeous, is not fun to knit. I'm still puzzling through it very slowly - not so much tinking now, but those pattern markers aren't coming out anytime soon. Move the sticky note, clank, clank, scrape, scrape, cuss needles, try not to grip so hard, lose place, count, find place, argh. It's miserable. Again, I'll get it done, and I'll adapt this toe-up idea to most of the socks I make from now on. But Lord, it is the perfect storm of crap needles, slow learning and unintelligible pattern clashing with my comprehensional challenges.

I look for logic in everything I see. It's one of those uniquely me things that alternately drives me crazy and fascinates me about myself. When I did the shell pattern sock, I was sure I couldn't do it - but by about the fourth repeat, I could recite the entire lace pattern while laying in bed, eyes closed, no yarn in sight. It is a very logical pattern. And while I can see the pattern in this sock - the actual repetition of yarnovers and decreases - the logic of how it came to be completely escapes me. I know I always P1, K1 at the beginning and end of rows. I know the decreases flip at row 7 and there's a funky double-decrease thrown in that row for fun. I know that once the switch happens the yarnovers go before and after the markers. But I couldn't tell you this pattern to save my life. And that makes me absolutely rebellious.

So like I said, I'll knit them, I love the end result, I can't wait to do the heels...but I am not enjoying knitting this. Not today. If it weren't for the Olympics, I'd have quit. I knit half a sock for my two-year old nephew last night, and worked about six rows of clapotis after supper tonight. That tells my attitude. Haven't worked on it during breaks at work. Most of all - I'm doing this pattern using magic loop, and I divide each round into twos (front needle, back needle) and the pattern into twos (knit round, pattern round). So that means that one of every four needles I knit is lace - that's it. 25%. I don't mind the knit rows, but I hate the lace rows.

But I am an Olympian, and I will conquer.

Also also wik: "Beutiful art made with kintting" (Yes, it's spelled that way.)
Props to Strange Little Mama.
I mean, cat guts??? (But my favorite is the crocodile.)


Blogger Scoutj said...

This made me laugh because my husband's step-sister-in-law once said I was low-rent, inadvertently, by saying people with tattoos are low-rent. I loved saying, "Well.... I have TWO!"


foot, in mouth?

8:46 AM  
Blogger Chris said...

Go go go go go go go go Jen!!

6:07 PM  

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