Wednesday, February 01, 2006


I caught Henry sneaking around last night.

Sneaking Around

(I'm feeling much less whiny.)

I added some new buttons and signed up for Team Threaded Bliss in the Knitting Olympics. I looked again at the Straight Laced's going to be really hard to do these. Two at once, I don't know. I'm going to try.

I finished the heels on both Space Dad socks. Now for the long haul of knitting till they are 9.5 inches, and then the toes. Toes are quick. But I have another 5 inches of foot to go...k3, p2 rib just isn't that fast, even though the bottom of the foot (stockinette) flies.

I am nearly done with my first gauntlet, also...I'm making it shorter because although I liked the picture, I should have added a little more ribbing. I am trying to decide if I should finish it shorter or rip it all the way back and add more stitches. I have big arms - not chubby, just bigger than the average bear, and I can't decide if I want these to be full length or not. They are just a tiny bit too snug. Adding another k2, p2 would make them comfy and stretchy.

Maybe I'll decide tomorrow. I am staying somewhere way out of the way this weekend, and maybe I'll get a lot of knitting done then.

I just ordered some Socks that Rock! in the "Red Canyon" colorway. This is my Olympic yarn...whooo!!!


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Henry is pretty cute! Where did you get the pattern for him?



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