Tuesday, December 13, 2005

Wisdom for Nine-Year Olds

Tonight I spoke with the Esteemed Nephew, who's 9ish. He got in dutch for not realizing that his dog, Brandon


did not come back in the house with the other dog, either last night or this morning. Kid saw him run off but didn't chase and didn't tell his mum. So last night Brandon, having exhausted all his squirrel-hunting options in the city of Chicago for one night, simply stood outside and barked when he wanted to come in. That's how my sister found out. Not good!

So tonight Nephew told me about it, and what he learned:
1. The dog is his responsibility.
2. Always get a visual on the dogs when you come inside.
3. Never leave a man behind (or dog).
4. Brandon isn't being bad when he runs off - he's being a dog.
5. Always tell Mum when Brandon runs away.

You and I would think this is pretty basic, but Nephew is 9 1/2 and is slowly sneaking into the uncharted waters of 10-13 year old boy, during which time brain is made of rice noodles and the most common phrase uttered is "I don't know." Which is second only to "where's the trigger on this thing?" and "did you fart?" ( I do love working with teenagers but this group baffles me the most.)

My motto today (stressful day) is "Happiness is a choice." GB told me last night that his motto is "It's all gravy from here on out." I like that.

My other motto is "just do the next thing." This is great for following knitting patterns, as well as stressful days at work, housework, dieting and exercise, to name a few (I just typed "exercist", hee hee hee).

Speaking of knitting, I'm off to work on Henry some more before bed. Happy knitting!


Blogger Jessica said...

The 9-11 age group can be quite interesting, challenging & infuriating... we have to remind our almost 11 year old twins that they NEED to ask first before doing stuff, don't just DO stuff! (grin/groan)... I've been telling them this since they were 4 and they still don't get it...

This morning, one of my sons took apart something he found without asking first... it was a small motor, I don't know what it could have ben used for, but it was about the size of a flashlight's light bulb... it's useless now! Also, they wait until after the fact to let us know about stuff... but then again, I guess this is how they Learn About Life... fun stuff!

Might want to look over some of the Waldorf education pages about 9 year olds, specifically these two:



I found your blog on one of the knitting lists... (and re: face recognition: I'm surprised they didn't mention Jennifer Tilly!)


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