Thursday, December 15, 2005

Crazy Apes, Crazy Sleeves and Other Craziness

I watched the 1933 version of King Kong tonight and wow, what a technological achievement for that day. It would have been a better movie without the closeups of the crazed ape-face, but it was very, very well done all things considered. My father and mother weren't yet born. Hitler had not yet invaded Poland. World War I was only fifteen years gone. They did amazing things. Yes it's choppy but someone working on that picture had a vision. Who can you think of today that is pushing the boundaries of creativity and technology more than any other filmmaker? Peter Jackson, of course. Which adds a nice layer of irony.

Although I am doing both Daisy sleeves at once, through a decided lack of attention to detail I have somehow managed to make one sleeve AN ENTIRE INCH shorter than the other. This happens when you don't always remember if you just turned the work or not. I put all the stitches from the longer sleeve onto a holder and I'm currently playing catch-up with Shorty.

I decided on an all-black number with a yellow Jerry Garcia necktie for a belt for tomorrow night. Going to see Messiah, cannot wait. I love that piece of music.


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