Saturday, November 19, 2005

13 of 20

Score on another dyslexia test. The oddest thing I've found is that a common tendency is to mix pronunciations of words - where you know how to say the word properly but you say it wrong anyway, or can't get all the syllables in the right order when you say a long word.

All these things I've had all my life. I do think if I have it, it's mild - but I think I do have it.

Just for fun I'm going to ype a paragraph without correcting and spelling miskatek. This is how i read any type all the time, but I'm a pretty good eidoter and I can regoncize awhen i spell things wrong . i'm not just a bad typist. see how many words have the correct letters in thtm with the wrong order? that's dyslexia. i don't read this waym uch but it does make orf frustrating typeing.

boy, that is really bad, huh? looks like gjoke.

PS: Starbucks gave me the wrong coffee today. I was five minutes away before I tasted it. Instead of a soy latte, I had some gingerbread thing. I turned around and went back. They replaced the coffee and gave me a coupon for a free one. It was worth going back for. Just wanted to say I don't go there much, but I am happy with their customer service.


Blogger Calling Kahlo said...

My husband has a learning disability (a mix of things). What is interesting is that he is pretty good with using spell check, the problem he has is using the wrong word entirely in a sentence. Instead of "wait" it is "what", etc. Do you have that problem? I need to look into software.

If it makes you feel any better, my typing is bad if I don't use spellcheck.

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