Thursday, November 17, 2005

I must be crazy

But I am seriously thinking about knitting a sweater for my cat.

Things you must know: Fiona (my brown stripey Maine Coon) is a stray who showed up at my apartment complex office three years ago, in the winter, skinny and adorable, and I took her home as a temporary thing, and she never left. She's jumpy, playful, standoffish and extremely proud of her French-Army-General plumed tail. She's not very social unless I lean over and talk sweet to her for a few minutes - or I'm brushing her. Then she goes crazy.

Well, we like to call her In-n-Out Kitty, because I live on the second floor and every night she wants to sit outside on the patio all night long. And she has a distinctive meow for when she wants to come in. So I lean over the couch and let her in, and she patrols the house and then meows to go out again. (This is part of her ritual. I can't seem to make her stop.) And I feel bad because in the winter she can't really stay outside, even crowded into her old lettuce box with layers of towels and blankets that have accumulated over the years (I can't part with the box, it was a take-home from Costco and she just loves it too much).

So the last few nights when it's been cold she doesn't stay out there long, and I keep imagining that it bothers her to miss because it's such a constant feature in her life whenever it's above 50 or so. So I keep wondering, if I knit her a very small sweater, would she be able to stay out longer?

Which is really sad and pathetic, because it shows how far down the road to permanent spinsterhood I really am (snicker). Thankfully I have enough sense to prevent me from making the final slide - buying a third cat and getting a perm. I also suspect that a good deal of Rice a Roni is involved.

Anyway. I figure I could pretty easily adapt a dog pattern to her measurements. Am I totally insane or what?

I actually am not sure I'm not.

Here is Fee wearing a scarf that is about the first thing I ever knit, wrapped and pinned on her and she didn't seem to mind At All.



And now that I have the Cat Content out of the way, here is actual knitting content.

Went to Steetch und Beetch tonight and had a great time as always. Sheila helped me a great deal with Clapotis, because I was really nervous that I was doing something wrong wrong wrong with that first dropped stitch, but thankfully she had a store model (!!!) and she showed me it was all right. Thanks woman!

So I am finished through row 8 of my first straights repeat. Only...136 to go. !!

Now I have to go work on Guitar Boy socks, because he is asking about them. Tomorrow I'm going to eat country-fried steak at Sylvan Park and go see that Johnny Cash movie. I mean seriously, you have to eat a meal like that before a movie about a legend.

I wonder what I would eat before a Bob Dylan movie...that is a total enigma to me...


Blogger just_me_2 said...

I think that the sweater for the cat is a great idea but am amazed a cat would actually let you put a sweater on it!

It was great seeing you last night.

9:03 AM  
Blogger Jen said...

Remind me to show you the scar she gave me once - it was an accident, but it cost me $250. I'm a little afraid of putting something on over her head!

9:07 AM  
Blogger ~kirsten~ said...

Yeah, you're crazy.


11:11 PM  

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