Saturday, November 19, 2005


I'm not out of the woods yet. I had a dream I was looking for old refrigerators I could climb into and do some sort of lung treatment. It scared me to be in them so I kept knocking the doors out of the refrigerators. (Where was I where there would have been a selection of those old things laying around anyway?? There was a great variety, and many designs that would never have been practical in any home.) Things like this usually mean I'm having asthma problems in my sleep.

"Walk the Line" is a great movie. Joaquin Phoenix is nearly a revelation - he doesn't so much impersonate Johnny Cash as channel him. He's minus the big nose and big ears, but aside from a few scenes I think he's got it perfectly. Part of it is shot in Hendersonville at their house; they don't show much of it, but it is the house they lived in. I lived most of my first 6 years in this area about two miles from there. The singing is great - during a couple of numbers I am absolutely convinced it's Johnny Cash singing and during the rest of them I'm not sure it's not. Reese Witherspoon is very funny and tough as June Carter.

But the chicken-fried steak was cold! Later we got fries from White Castle and watched Six Days, Seven Nights. (Goofy but cute.)

So today they are FINALLY putting up the window framings on my building, which means tomorrow I get to hang up all my paintings and art again. Then the building is going to be painted - a nice tobacco green color. It's really a nice color.

I'm off to work.


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